About us

There is fierce competition on the global marketplace around acquiring prime real estate. The intended uses for this real estate is as varied as the parties pursuing it: It might be intended for housing, industry, grazing grounds, or something entirely different. This is all fine and well, since our species need all those things. But our species - and every other species on this planet - need something else too. Nature. Undisturbed nature. This is where NaturalGlobe hopes to play a positive part.

NaturalGlobe was founded early 2023, as a for-good company. This means the far majority of our earnings will be spent towards that we find important - nature restoration and preservation! Only a tenth of our profits will go to employee compensation.

"Why clothing?" you may ask. You're right, there is no doubt the garment industry is a major consumer of natural resources. But what is the alternative? To walk around naked? All of us need clothing, and NaturalGlobe's offering is, then, to provide high quality clothing that is meant to be "slow-fashion" in order to minimize strain on natural resources. At the same time, we insist on using organic materials to decrease our chemical foot print. Finally, and most importantly, our profits go to preserving and restoring Nature.

NaturalGlobe has been started with an inject of 10.000$ of personal savings. While a significant amount for an individual, this amount is absolutely tiny when it comes to running a business, let alone a business that hopes to generate enough funds to purchase real estate. For that reason, in the first calendar year of NaturalGlobe's existence (until December 31st 2023), the profits will not go into the dedicated nature savings account, but rather back into the company to enable us to purchase ever larger inventory batches. By having a large inventory, we can earn more profits, and then that profit will go to the nature restoration account. Makes sense? You are always welcome to reach out via info@naturalglobe.org for any questions.


Psst.. we are not really about T-shirts

NaturalGlobe is not a T-shirt company. It is a Life company. Or rather, a Life organization.

We insist on being joyous about Life, be it human, animal or plant. Or even fungi or bacterial. Life is wonderful! Diversity is wonderful! At the same time we realize the catastrophic situation many of the planet's life forms are in - including our own. A dream scenario for NaturalGlobe would be for the collective humanity, as suggested by renowned biologist and author E. O. Wilson, to agree on committing half of the planet's surface to Nature.

Yes, we employ capitalist ways to get to where we want to go. So we are a company. But this is a pragmatic choice. What other realistic ways are there? At NaturalGlobe, we hope to evolve organically, mustering the collective creativity, willpower and intelligence of thousands of Nature lovers just as ourselves. This is our vision.


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