Q: What exactly are you doing with my money?

A: [UPDATED Dec 31st 2023] NaturalGlobe wants to channel as much money as possible to nature restoration. That means (on a high level) we perform the following calculation:

  • Sales income minus costs (inventory purchase + taxes + various upkeep) = profit
    • Profits are divided:
      • 90% to nature restoration. In the build-up phase of our business, most of this will go to building up a stock of various lines and products. As this gets built up, more and more of the profits will go directly into our nature savings account.
      • 10% to compensate employees. 


Q: Can I help in any way?

A: Yes! NaturalGlobe is the part-time project of one individual lacking experience in a vast array of topics. Do you feel like designing a T-shirt collection? Get in touch! Are you good at SoMe? Let's talk! Do you have experience with land management? I need you! Whatever you feel like contributing, I would love to hear from you. NaturalGlobe should be a collaborative effort.


Q: Why are you getting the clothes manufactured in Turkey?

A: Considering the high emissions involved with international shipping, any responsible business should weigh the pros and cons of local vs. international manufacture. In the case of NaturalGlobe, the consideration has been to get our products produced in a location that allows us a decent ratio of cost/sales income, in order to gain profit, while at the same time not wanting to pollute more than absolutely necessary. With NaturalGlobe (and its warehouse) based in Denmark, the choice of going with a Turkish manufacturer is, then, a compromise between a business partner even further away (e.g. China) and one in Denmark, where costs would have been too high.


Q: What happens with my money if your business plan doesn't succeed? Are they lost?

A: No! In case the NaturalGlobe venture doesn't succeed, any profits gained up until that point will be donated to a chosen nature conservation NGO.


Q: What if, for some reason, the business dissolves a few years down the line. What happens then?

A: No one can predict the future. If, for some reason, NaturalGlobe ceases to exist, a primary activity in that process is to donate any owned land to wildlife/nature conservation organizations within the countries it is located.