The all-important objective for NaturalGlobe is to acquire natural lands and leave them to their animal and plant inhabitants. NaturalGlobe intends to act only as a mediator between Nature itself and the capitalist processes through which our human society functions. We invite everyone to visit NaturalGlobe's properties, but only as respectful guests. The natural habitats should remain as undisturbed as possible. 

NaturalGlobe aims to be a custodian of natural lands, and seek to be their owner purely for legal and administrative reasons.

In order for us to maximize our impact, NaturalGlobe is mainly looking to acquire former farmland, alternatively industrial forests, we want to allow to grow wild.

Next goal:

- To acquire our very first patch of land! Have an idea, or think you can help? Get in touch!


Nature areas:

This section will provide details of the natural lands under the legal control of NaturalGlobe.