It is imperative that you experience transparency towards how NaturalGlobe spend the money we earn. Furthermore, it is our pledge to you - and ourselves - that our driving mission is to do good for the natural environment.


For 2023

In order to build a reasonably sized product inventory, the profits earned in calendar year 2023 will go into exactly that, inventory purchase. This will enable NaturalGlobe to sell at a decent scale from January 2024, at which time 70% (+20%) of profits will go into the dedicated nature savings account


Finances (last updated November 30th 2023):

Categories Amount
Money spent on inventory purchase: 2,131
Miscellaneous spending: 1,264
Income from product sales: 978
Donations: 0
Historical profits: 0

Channeled back to the business (2023 only):


Put into nature savings account: