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Our Mission Statement

The company's purpose is to generate profit, which will predominantly be channeled into nature conservation and restoration activities. This includes acquiring land and maintaining or transforming it into wild nature reserves. Profit is primarily obtained through the sale of consumer goods, and secondarily through donations.

The above statement is taken directly from our founding legal documents.

  • We are serious

    The raison d'etre of our company is to help our Nature, which is in great peril! We are very serious about our mission, and spend most of our energy towards it. 🐝🌳

  • We are fun

    We love life. We love living. As long as we spend our energy towards doing good, we don't see a reason to be dull and bleak in the process. Lets celebrate our time together. Bring the colors! 🌺🦋💐

  • In-depth information

    If you want to know more about our company, and take a deeper dive into our thoughts and wishes, take a look at our blog. 📚📖

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