Our plan for nature restoration

Our plan? We're constantly learning. 😊

Our mission is to help biodiversity along the way, wherever we can.

That means we will use the money we earn from selling t-shirts and other (upcoming) products to purchase land and preserve and/or transform it into natural wildlands. At the same time, we want to do it wisely to ensure that the effort we provide has the greatest possible positive impact.

One might think (as we have until now) that the best way to create natural forests is to leave the land as it is. Perhaps plant a few trees and dig a small pond, but in general, let nature take care of the task of returning to a 'wild' state. We still have that perspective to some extent, but one can always become wiser. We can, at least. ☺️

This article (in Danish) tells the story of a couple who have transformed their property from farmland into a natural area where biodiversity thrives. They achieve this in part by excavating gravel, removing nutrient-rich soil, and exposing a more nutrient-poor soil in which many endangered plant species have better living conditions. It may seem a bit counterintuitive to use large industrial machines in the pursuit of 'natural' nature, but in the example from the article, it makes a lot of sense. As an added bonus, the possible sale of the excavated gravel could further accelerate a mission such as ours.

As mentioned earlier, we are still too early in NaturalGlobe's history to talk about specific natural areas and their potential management, but an approach that speeds up the resurgence of delicate and rare plant and animal species is certainly on our drawing board.


NB. If you want to dive further into the field of land restoration, there is a ton of really good resources online. See for instance this Medium article, and these interactive maps (1) (2).

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